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MENJO, Hisashi
Personal History

March 1985
Graduated, Tokyo Metropolitan University



April 1985-March 1988
Court secretary and clerk



April 1991
Registered as an attorney (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)



June 1999 to present
Director, JACCS Loan-Collection Service Co., Ltd.



April 2009-March 2011
Chairman, Legal Counseling Center, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



April 2011 to present
Part-time lecturer, Daito Bunka University. (Civil Execution Act, Judicial Procedures ((From April 2011 until March 2015))



April 2012-March 2014

Part-time lecturer, Yamagata University, Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences (Civil Execution Act)



May 2018 to present
Refugee Examination Counselor of the Ministry of Justice.

Major Areas of Practice

Credit-related areas (Installment Sales Act, Specific Commercial Transactions Act, Consumer Contract Act, and Money Lending Business Act), finance, debt collection, corporate legal matters, and bankruptcy disposal

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