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Privacy Policies

Personal information is any information on a specific individual that can be used to identify that individual. When Asahi Law Offices receives personal information from a client or another individual (“Clients”), it handles the information according to the following principles.
1. Compliance
Asahi Law Offices complies with the “Personal Information Protection Law” and all other relevant laws, public regulations, and internal regulations governing the handling of personal information.
2. Acquisition / Use of Personal Information
In performing services for a Client, Asahi Law Offices asks the Client for personal information such as the Client’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and place of work, as necessary. We use this personal information only for the purposes mentioned below. We will never use personal information for purposes other than those mentioned below, unless the Client gives his or her advance approval or unless such use is authorized under laws and regulations.
Purposes of use
- Legal services requested by a Client
- Notifications on seminars or publications (including books, etc.) by Asahi Law Offices
- Delivery of announcements, New Year greeting cards, etc. from Asahi Law Offices
- Any other services incidental to the purposes mentioned above
3. Management of Personal Information
Asahi Law Offices strictly manages personal information and takes all measures necessary to prevent any unauthorized access to personal information or any form information leakage, loss, or damage. We also supervise the handling of personal information by our attorneys, judicial scriveners, fulltime staff, and temporary employees. If we consign the handling of personal information to a third party, we see to it that the consigned party properly manages the personal information, as well.
4. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party
Asahi Law Offices will not disclose the personal information of a Client to a third party unless the disclosure is authorized under laws and regulations. This may include cases where the Client gives advance approval, where disclosure is required under laws and regulations, or where personal information is to be disclosed within a scope necessary for the attainment of the purposes of use, etc.
5. Disclosure, Modification, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
If a Client wishes to instruct Asahi Law Offices to disclose or modify personal information, to suspend the use of personal information, or to disclose the purpose of use of the personal information, the Client should telephone the contact number given below. When we receive such a request via our contact number, we confirm that the request has come directly from the Client and then respond to the request in accordance with laws and regulations. Please note that Asahi Law Offices will not disclose personal information if the disclosure would violate laws or regulations (e.g., by violating the confidentiality obligation of an attorney), would materially interfere with the performance of services by the Offices, or is not required under laws and regulations.
6. Improvement of the Systems Within the Offices
Asahi Law Offices educates all of its attorneys, judicial scriveners, employed staff, dispatched workers and temporary employees as necessary to enhance compliance with laws, public regulations, and internal regulations governing the handling of personal information. We also appoint a person to oversee the handling of personal information of Clients at all times.
7. Contacts
If you have any opinions or inquiries about our Privacy Policies or the ways in which we handle personal information, please telephone the contact number below. Asahi Law Offices will respond promptly and appropriately to any of your opinions or inquiries about the handling of personal information.
Contact point: Telephone No. of Administration: +813-5219-0002
8. Other Points
When laws and regulations are modified, Asahi Law Offices reviews and improves its principles for the handling of personal information, as necessary, in consideration of the opinions of its Clients. We publish all modifications to the principles on the Asahi Law Offices website.