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Litigation & Other Dispute Resolution

Corporate Litigation
Asahi Law Offices is widely admired for its extensive experience and distinguished record in managing a wide array of cases. Besides disputes within companies over controlling interests and personnel appointments, we have also handled disputes and lawsuits pertaining to contractual relations with outside business partners, litigation in the area of M&As, and shareholder derivative lawsuits.
The knowledge and expertise we have accumulated in the process well qualify us to represent companies and corporate executives in disputes with suppliers and customers, disputes over collection of receivables, labor disputes and the like. We provide appropriate legal advice on reaching a solution, and act as counsel should the matter go to court.
Real Estate
Asahi Law Offices handles all types of disputes, lawsuits, and legal issues relating to purchase and sale of real estate, leasing of land and rental of housing, real estate development and management, and building contracts. Our expertise covers an impressively wide range, from everyday issues like real estate transactions by individuals and boundary disputes with neighbors, to securitization of real estate assets through investment trusts. Working with judicial scriveners, we further offer advice and handle paperwork relating to registration of real property.
With the cooperation of architects and other professionals, we also work on your behalf to resolve disputes relating to building and construction, such as cases of defective housing or of high-rise condominiums obstructing sunlight.
Product Liability
Consumers and users of products and services are more concerned than ever about safety and peace of mind, and increasingly companies find themselves under pressure to implement voluntary product recalls in order to maintain their corporate image. Asahi Law Offices possesses extensive experience and knowledge in recalls of products of all types, whether designed for ordinary consumers or commercial customers.
When a company faces claims for damages under the Product Liability Act or tort law due to an accident caused by a product it manufactures, its very ability to stay in business may be imperiled. For the consumer, on the other hand, such accidents can threaten life and limb. Asahi Law Offices offers legal advice to companies on preventing product accidents. We also possess wide-ranging experience in providing legal support to both companies and victims involved in such cases, including in the courtroom.
Intellectual Property Rights Litigation and Disputes
Asahi Law Offices has long been active in cases involving infringements of various intellectual property rights (patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademarks, copyrights) and disputes concerning rights related to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. In addition to bringing lawsuits seeking injunctions and claims for compensation (provisional disposition/ litigation on merits) and lawsuits demanding consideration for employees’ inventions, we file petitions for the transfer or cancellation of registration to organizations for dispute-settlement related to domain addresses, bring and defend against lawsuits for provisional disposition/litigation on merits, and petition for arbitration to the Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center. Working within their independently developed networks, attorneys knowledgeable and informed on legal theory and case law specific to intellectual property rights handle dispute settlements and practical work related to litigation by consigning casework to patent attorneys specialized in areas such as machinery, chemical technology, biotechnology, and trademark brands.
Tax Litigation
Tax law, which greatly affects everything from funding policies and asset transactions at big corporations to divorce and personal inheritance, has come increasingly into the spotlight in recent years. Tapping our network of outside tax accountants, we can precisely meet your tax law needs whatever they may be: drawing up contracts and recommending transaction schemes while taking into account the tax implications; placing our wealth of litigative experience at your disposal in handling tax suits; managing professional liability suits in the tax field; or criminal cases involving violations of tax law.
Administrative Litigation
The Administrative Case Litigation Act has recently been revised to make it easier to file an administrative suit (an objection to an action by a government agency). Such suits can thus be expected to become more common as a means of asserting individual rights and interests. Companies too sometimes find it necessary to resort to the courts in order to secure a fair judgment with respect to the granting of a license or permit by a government agency, or a transaction with a national or local government. Our knowledge and experience in the field of administrative litigation and administrative appeals enable us to offer appropriate advice in this area and implement legal procedures on your behalf.
Provisional Proposition/Enforcement
The attorneys at Asahi Law Offices are abundantly knowledgeable and experienced in cases of provisional proposition/enforcement related to various rights and interests. Their expertise extends from general preservative attachment procedures/compulsory execution for corporate and individual debt collection to the preservation of evidence for future litigation, provisional disposition/compulsory execution for the acquisition of employee or student status, compulsory execution for the exercise of security rights, injunctions of various acts, provisional dispositions to eliminate obstruction of execution, and the compulsory execution of rights set forth in agreements.