Noriyasu Kaneko | Asahi Law Offices



KANEKO, Noriyasu
Personal History

Graduated, School of Law, Waseda University



Registered as an attorney (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)


Obtained Master’s Degree from Duke University School of Law, U.S.A.


Registered as an attorney in the State of California


Outside Company Auditor, Miyachi Corporation (listed on the then first section of TSE)


2009 to present
Whistleblowing Hotline, Ministry of Defense


Vice Chairman, Consumer Affairs Committee of Daini Tokyo Bar Association (Head, Division of Whistle-blower Protection for Public Benefits)


Chairman, Tokyo Tri-Association Council for Whistle-blower Protection for Public Benefits


2011 to present
Outside Company Auditor, Renova, Inc.(listed on the Prime Market of TSE)


2011 to 2016
Part-time lecturer, Waseda Law School (corporate governance)


2013 to 2019
Representative Organizer, Study Group on Business Succession, Daini Tokyo Bar Association


2015 to 2017
Outside Director of ESPOIR Co., Ltd.(Listed in then NSE (Nagoya) Centrex).


2017 to present
Whistleblowing Hotline, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency


2018 to present
Supervisory Officers, Mitsui & Co., Private REIT Inc.

Major Areas of Practice

Consultation on corporate compliance, corporate lawsuits, PL lawsuits, intellectual property right lawsuits, real estate lawsuits, settlement of general civil and commercial disputes, settlement of international disputes, preparation of international trade contracts (in Japanese and English), M&A, and general corporate legal matters