Satoru Mitsumori | Asahi Law Offices



Personal History

March 1991
Graduated, Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo



April 1993
Registered as an attorney (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)



2000 to present
Organizer, Study Group on Intellectual Property Rights



September 2003 to present
Dispute settlement member, Examining Board for Residential Disputes, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



May 2004-March 2023
Candidate for arbitrator, Arbitration Center, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



July 2006 to present
Candidate for adjuster, Real Estate Appraisers’ Adjustment Center



Examiner for the new bar examination (Civil Law) of 2008



April 2008 to present
Family Affairs Conciliator, Tokyo Family Court



July 2008 to present
Organizer, Study Committee on the Bankruptcy Law System, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, 2008 and 2009



April 2009-March 2010
Director, Tokyo Family Affairs Conciliation Association



May 2009 to present
Director, Japanese Association of Business Recovery



November 2010 to present
Director, National Insolvency Attorneys Network



October 2011-August 2022
Extraordinary Member, Government Panel Addressing Disputes Over Compensation for Nuclear Accidents



April 2012-March 2013
Vice President, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



April 2013-March 2015
Representative Organizer, Study Group on Bankruptcy Law, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



April 2013-March 2015
Chairman, Legal Training Committee, Daini Tokyo Bar Association



August 2013-July 2017
Member, Tokyo Family Court Committee
Winter term of 2013 school year to Winter term of 2017 school year
Part-time lecturer, the University of Tokyo Graduate schools for Law and Politics (studies for insolvency proceeding)



April 2014-March 2015
Vice President, Tokyo Family Affairs Conciliation Association



June 2015-June 2018
Managing Director, Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC)



January 2017-April 2020
Director, Research Institute of Business Revitalization



November 2018 to present

Executive director, National Bankruptcy Proceedings Lawyer Network



May 2020 to present
Representative Director, Research Institute of Business Revitalization

Major Areas of Practice

Lawsuits (incl. intellectual property right lawsuits and tax lawsuits), matters related to bankruptcy/business recovery cases, crisis management, matters related to intellectual property rights (Unfair Competition Prevention Act, trademark law, patent law, etc.), matters related to the Companies Act (incl. preparation of general meetings of shareholders and corporate division), M&A