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  • December 2010
    KANEKO, Noriyasu, had a lecture about major legal topics in business succession at Daini Tokyo Bar Association on December 2, 2010.
  • October 2010
    NIWAYAMA, Shoichiro, had a lecture entitled “the future of license business”in Public Law Practice Association's general meeting.
  • October 2010
    NIWAYAMA, Shoichiro, was appointed as the exclusive director of Japan Law Foundation.
  • October 2010
    YAMAGISHI, Kazuhiko, had a lecture entitled “EU competition law -from the basis to current movement” at Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Legal Affairs Association on October 25,2010.
  • August 2010
    UWATOKO, Ryuji, KANEKO, Noriyasu, SHIOTA, Daisuke, OKAMOTO, Masaru, KOHARA, Satoru, YAMAZAKI, Jun, “Legal Affairs Relating to Business Succession” a book co-written by UWATOKO, Ryuji, attorney, KANEKO, Noriyasu, attorney, SHIOTA, Daisuke, attorney, OKAMOTO, Masaru, attorney, KOHARA, Satoru, attorney and YAMAZAKI, Jun, attorney, was published by Economic Legal Research Institute.
  • August 2010
    SHIMAMURA, Nao will lecture at “the workshop about the revision of the law of obligation(vol.2)” by Daini Tokyo Bar Association, which will be held on September 14,2010.
  • August 2010
    KAMEI, Youichi “Dictionary of Legal Terms on Finance” a book co-edited by KAMEI, Youichi, attorney, was published by Economic Legal Research Institute.
  • July 2010
    IGETA, Daisuke “Practice and Forms for Administrative Approval and License Procedures and Dispute Resolution,” a book co-written by IGETA, Daisuke, attorney, was published by Minjihokenkyukai. Co., Ltd.
  • July 2010
    KAMEI, Youichi lectured about “the practice of compliance in a business office” in “the lecture for managerial posts in a business office”hosted by Regional Banks Association of JAPAN on July 7,2010.
  • July 2010
    KAMEI, Youichi had a lecture in the business law course in the law school of Hitotsubashi University on July 9,2010.
  • May 2010
    YAMAGISHI, Kazuhiko “EU Competition Law Starting from 1,” the first installment of a serial written by YAMAGISHI, Kazuhiko, attorney was published in “Business Homu, July 2010 issue” by CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.
    SHIMAMURA, Nao “Checking the contents of the new and amended laws related to personnel and labor affairs,” an article written by SHIMAMURA, Nao, attorney, was published in the “Kigyo Jitsumu, No. 676, June issue” by NIPPON JITSUGYO PUBLISHING. NIWAYAMA, Shoichiro, attorney, was appointed as a standing director of the Japan Law Foundation.
    FUJITA, Akiko “Activities of a Procedural Attorney,” a prefatory note written by FUJITA, Akiko, attorney, was published in “Benrishi Jyuken Shinpo (“Preparations for the patent attorney examination”) 2010, No. 64” by Hogakushoin Publishing Co., Ltd. MIYAMURA, Keita, attorney, presided as MC at “Handling the interview before indictment: Guidance for criminal lawyers,” a round-table discussion sponsored by a working group involved in Nichibenren criminal cases and media coverage. The contents of the discussion are published in “Jiyu to Seigi (Freedom and Justice), vol. 61, May issue.”
  • April 2010
    KAMEI, Youichi “Two orders issued by the third petty bench of the Supreme Court of March 16, 2010 that ruled the existing amount at the beginning be applied by each obligation and denied the creditors’ rights to designate obligations to be performed,” an article written by KAMEI, Youichi, attorney, was published in “NBL, April 15, 2010 issue” by Kabushiki Kaisha Shoji Homu.
    KAMEI, Youichi “Legal Accountability of Corporate Officers, and Corporate Governance,” a book co-written by KAMEI, Youichi, attorney, was published by DOBUNKAN SHUPPAN CO., LTD.
    MIYAMURA, Keita “Changing criminal trials ? Defense activities in the citizen judge system (24th): Points to keep in mind on the process of pretrial conference procedures,” an article written by MIYAMURA, Keita, attorney, was published in “Jiyu to Seigi (Freedom and Justice), vol. 61, April issue.” MATSUI, Masanori, attorney, joined Asahi Law Offices as associate. MATSUI, Masanori, attorney, worked as an assistant judge for approximately three and a half years. He will be working as an attorney at Asahi Law Offices under a system entitled “Work Experience for Assistant Judges and Public Prosecutors Temporarily Practicing as Attorneys.” MIYAMURA, Keita, attorney, took up a concurrent post as a part-time lecturer at Waseda Law School.